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Vibratory Tracking

Inline / Gravity Track / Belt and Chain Conveyor

Vibcon Corporation offers a variety of different tracking equipment for our feed systems:

Inline Tracks - These are powered horizontal vibratory tracks normally used to store pre-oriented parts.  Inline Tracks also create an exit point away from the bowl or a means to feed into a separate machine.  A full track switch can also be installed to shut down the feeder when the track is full. We make Standard and Mini Inline Tracks. Both styles can be made any length except the mini can be no shorter than 6" long and the standard no shorter than 14" long.


Gravity Tracks - These are basically non-powered tracks using gravity to function instead of vibration. These are used as an inexpensive way to track parts and in some cases, can "snake" through tight and hard-to-get-to locations. These tracks can be designed for any angle or length, but we generally encourage a minimum of 30-35º down angle to get the full effect of gravity. The track can be bent at the end to match any angle as well.

Belt/Chain Conveyors - These conveyors use powered belts and/or chains to move the parts. The parts can be confined as with the inlines and gravity tracks and can have variable or constant speed motors.


Number of

Spring Packs:

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7


  • Mini

  • Standard


  • Minimum 6" (Mini)

  • Minimum 14" (Standard)

Gravity Tracks

Leveling Pads:

  • Custom made to any width or length.

Permanent Mounting:

  • Foot Pads and Anchor Through Holes

Belt/Chain Conveyors

Down Angle:

  • Maximum 30 degrees

Square Tubing Size:

  • 3"


  • Heavy Duty

  • Standard


  • Food Grade

  • Urethane

  • PVC

  • Silent Chain

  • Table Top Chain

* All Belt types are available in Plain or Cleated versions, except Silent Chain.