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Floor Feeders

Floor Feeders

These are floor mounted tubs that use a powered Up-feed Conveyor. The Conveyor can have a Cleated Belt, a Chain, or use a Magnetic up-feed. They can be designed and built to any size you require, and have multiple applications; such as:

  • Hopper Only

  • A Gravity Oriented System in which the parts are carried to the top on the Up-feed Conveyor and slide or drop onto a Gravity Orienter. Properly oriented parts continue on and mis-oriented parts fall off the track and are guided back to the tub to start over.

  • Belt Oriented Systems include a Floor Feeder, much like the Gravity Oriented System, but when the parts fall from the Up-feed Conveyor, they land onto two opposing belts that keep tumbling the parts around until they are in the proper orientation to exit the system.

Tooling Configurations


Feeder Types

  • Belt orienting

  • Gravity orienting

  • Hopper only

Belt Types

  • Food grade belt

  • Plastic chain belt

  • Super duty PVC cleated belt

  • Table top and silent chain belt