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Feeder Bowls

Vibratory and Centrifugal Feeder Bowls

Vibratory Part Feeders, or bowls as they are commonly referred to, are still considered to be the work horses of the parts feeding industry after decades of use. They are the most flexible, efficient and cost effective platform available. Able to feed and orient a wide range of part profiles at high rate requirements, Vibratory Feeder Bowls can be configured as single or multiple line applications and designed to tolerate the most severe industrial environment.

Centrifugal or Rotary Part Feeders, operating off of mechanical motion instead of being powered by electromagnetic coils like Vibratory Part Feeding Systems; are at their best and most efficient in high rate applications, feeding simple parts requiring little or no pre-orientation of the part being fed to meet the specified rate.

Here are our Vibratory Feeder Bowl Specifications:

Basic Diameter:

Construction Material:


Approximate Thickness:




6" to 42"


304 Grade Stainless Steel

316 Grade Stainless Steel

(For Medical and Pharmaceutical



1/8"   11 Gauge


Hand Fabricated

Hardened Steel

(High Wear areas if Required)

TIG Welded


Abcite, Brushlon, Rough Coat, Teflon,

Polyurethane, and Plasma

Here are our Centrifugal Feeder Bowl Specifications:

Basic Diameter:           











Bottle Caps

Dowel Pins


Other Simple Parts


Capable of Thousands of Pieces

Per Minute

Other Feeder Bowl Options

Vibcon Corporation offers modifications other than above, including accumulator towers to store and feed pre-oriented parts. Bowls used as hoppers to get a finer and/or smaller quantity of material fed. Bowls used as sorters to sort one part from another such as coins or different length bolts. Very often used in the plastics industry to sort sprues from parts and one part from another.