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Escapements / End Tooling

Vibcon Corporation can supply all types of end tooling for our systems. We do a lot of work for machine builders and therefore, over the years, have expanded our capability to better serve them by furnishing tooling to mate with their systems, including:

  • Dead-End Nests- These are generally hardened steel nests at the end of our tracking that present one part for pick-off by the customer. When the operator removes a part, another will immediately move into position.

  • Shuttle- This is a version of a dead-end nest, except it has a pneumatic cylinder that will move the last part sideways or straight up to remove any back pressure.

  • Escape And Blow- Some parts that can be blown through plastic tubes and remain oriented can be fed to the customer's nest or receiver with this mechanism. It shuttles one part at a time and blows it through a tube on demand.

  • Pick & Place- This mechanism can be pneumatic or mechanical. It picks up one part at a time from a dead-end nest and places the part into the customers tooling. There are three versions: 


  1. Slides and Grippers   

  2. Robot   

  3. Dedicated Purchased Mechanism