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Our custom design process takes the issues listed below and integrates that information into our manufacturing and operating guidelines. This includes an examination of such areas as the machine footprint and other dimensional issues, thermal loading, sound and electrical isolation, operational environment, maintenance routines/approaches, access, contamination potential, and more.

We provide a realistic design, taking into account the performance and cost trade-offs between the over-all effect of your machine, its operator, and possible product damage. This risk management approach saves on potential over or under in regards to the build specification, and provides a framework for a reasonable fiscal return.

Our Enclosures are modular in nature and can provide for potential reconfiguration as your manufacturing process demands a change.

Our Industrial Grade Sound and Electrical Enclosures are designed to protect operators, products and the machine itself from factory-floor dangers including:

  • Working Environment

  • Dirt

  • Moisture

  • Heat

  • Physical Contact

  • Electrical Shock

  • Sound Abatement

  • Positive Air Flow (For Particulate/Fluid Protection)

  • Vibration

  • Chemical Exposure

Sound Enclosures


Construction Materials

  • Aluminum panels with access doors or windows

  • Interior lined with adhesive back polyester foam for sound abatement

  • Extruded aluminum frame that bolts directly to mounting surface


  • Removable or hinged top lid for immediate access

  • Extruded aluminum frame that bolts directly to mounting surface


  • Abcite

  • Brushlon

  • Rough Coat

  • Teflon

  • Polyurethane

Electrical Enclosures


  •   Provides protection of personnel and equipment from electrical  



  •   Gasketed with a continuous welded seal to protect against dirt,  

       moisture, and other contaminants