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Our History

Founded in 1982, Vibcon is a full line parts feeding company that excels in the design and manufacturing of highly effective solutions for our customer's most demanding applications. We serve a large variety of industries including, but not limited to: 

  • Medical/Dental

  • Military and Hunting Munitions

  • Semi-conductors

  • Plumbing

  • Lawn/Garden Products

  • Automotive/Transportation

  • Pharmaceutical/Bio-science

  • Hardware

  • Packaging

  • Food Processing

  • Foundry

  • Paper/Packaging

  • Chemical Processing

  • Ceramics/Textiles

  • Parts/Warehousing

  • Agricultural Supplies (Seeds, Chemicals, Crops)

  • and many more...


Vibcon has built a reputation for devising and conceptualizing unique solutions to all of our customer's feeding and assembly needs.

Incorporated originally by Dennis Haskett and Ron Walker, Vibcon was purchased in 2010 by Jeff Anderson and his family, who have had a presence in the industry going back nearly five decades to 1970. Jeff Anderson worked very hard to create a Legacy of honesty, integrity, and hard work that has continued to this day.


In August of 2017, Jeff passed.  Before leaving us, he made sure that the Legacy he created would endure.  Robin Anderson, Jeff's wife, has devoted herself to continuing that Legacy as the CEO of the company.  Brandon Anderson, Jeff's son, has taken over as COO, and Jeff's Daughter, Jessica, is in charge of Vibcon's Human Resource department.

Jeff's Family and the entire Staff have dedicated themselves to carrying out the Vibcon tradition. Looking to the future, they will continue to expand on it's capabilities, and strive toward a spirit of excellence for all of Vibcon's customers.

Here at Vibcon, we pride ourselves on 8 Core Principles:

  • The ability to optimize processes on every level to achieve excellence

  • Striving for continuous improvement through ideas and creative suggestions

  • Providing our customer with the highest quality of workmanship, engineering, and value

  • Never forgetting that the true measure of quality is the customer's overall satisfaction

  • Generating an appropriate return on all opportunities of investment

  • Ensuring our application is the most cost effective and efficient solution for the customer

  • Promoting a safe and encouraging work environment for the enrichment of our employees

  • Having uncompromising integrity and pride in everything we put our hands and minds too